Volume Limiting...Why?

By Louisa Williams

Volume Limiting...Why?

When developing the KontraBand range, I had to give a lot of thought into the volume limits that the headphones would have. 

The World Health Organisation recommends that the maximum safe level of continuous listening to be 85 decibels (dB). Exposure to sounds at or above 85dB for a prolonged period of time is widely recognised as a potential cause of hearing loss.

Loud Headphones

Whilst adults know better than to continuously blast the sound on their headphones, children do not, and so I have given KontraBand customers the option of choosing volume limited headphones for their children. These have a limit of 85dB...and there is no way for them to be manipulated to go higher, therefore protecting little ears. 

Some parents are happy for their children's headphones to have a normal volume range (KontraBand normal volume are set to a maximum of 115dB). This is usually the case where they plan to go on planes and in other environments where the outside noise is generally louder. If opting for a normal volume range for children, I would certainly recommend close supervision of KontraBand's use and limit the amount of time spent using them. 

KontraBand family

Before deciding whether to purchase volume limited or normal volume range KontraBand for your children, I recommend conducting your own research and be sure to consider:

  • The amount of time that you are able to supervise KontraBand's use
  • The environment KontraBand is likely be used in
  • The frequency of use
  • Your child's ability to determine when the volume is too loud

If you have any further questions about volume limits, please email us at: info@kontraband.com.au